Tips in Installing New Apps to Old Version iPhone

Have you been annoyed wanting to install the old version application which include Viber in iPhone 3G, Whatsapp, 3GS and Facebook, well we have the same sentiment here. As we all know that old version apps as usual will not work in older iOS software whether for compatibility and functionality.


Mostly for safety and for good reason, the usages of old apps stop because developers must introduced new apps for a better services and usage. Company like Apple also stated that you should remove old iPhone hardware and replace them with a new one and replace old version of software with new updates. It is like making your iPhone having a new touch of upgrades.

The fact is that from time to time companies develop new apps and so the device should be upgraded or make new ones, nonetheless not all iPhone user wish to buy for new iPhone and install latest iOS software.

The fact, people have a lot of reason for not buying a new iPhone or install new updates. One thing they have in mind is that they choose to stick to what’s in their hand currently. This will lead them to use the old Iphone and software. Who wants to use new iPhone and new apps when you are contented with what you have. We all know that most people got their iPhone for the reason of social media. Taking videos and photos and share them in YouTube and Facebook and with that they are happy.

On the other hand, because they remain using the old iPhone and old version of software they will have hard time to go with the flow of the ever-changing techno community. So what must be done to deal these issues? Well, don’t worry about it since there is a solution to this issue and would greatly help you using this information.

Now let’s begin with your iPhone with jailbreak. If you want to jailbreak your iPhone, first you need to install Cydia into your iPhone 3G. With the use Cydia you can install third party apps in your phone, for instance the Appsync, and the desired apps you want to put in your iPhone.

In case you have done jaibreaking your iPhone then you can begin installing any apps. In case you have not done so, then you can check out the Internet and get information for jailbreaking your iPhone. Just follow the instruction you can do it a short time. Jailbreaking is not that complicated so you just to stick to the procedure, since it will work on every Iphone these days.

Once your iPhone done jailbreaking and if there is old software installed into it and you want to install a third party apps it will not work. So to make this installation happen you must first install an app called Appsync 4.X, with this you may begin to install the apps and check out the capability of the apps. In case something will not work in your iPhone you may go to the nearest iPhone certified technician and ask for their assistance.


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